About Us



Established in 1918, William E. Howe & Co. is a Delaware County, Pennsylvania - based Certified Public Accounting firm serving a diverse range of clients in the

Mid-Atlantic region. As a regional firm with a proven track record, William E. Howe & Co. combines the diverse experience of over 100 years in business with

cutting edge technologies, to provide effective and efficient solutions to your accounting, financial and other business needs.


At William E. Howe & Co., personal service and quality work are our hallmark. We maintain our high standards through a business philosophy which is embraced

by our partners, professional and support staff. Independence and integrity, the foundations of our profession, are always reflected in our work.

To ensure personal, dependable service, each client works directly with a professional assigned to their account. We communicate clearly and directly with relevant

information, presented in a usable format, not technical jargon. Consistent with this philosophy, all telephone calls and correspondences are responded to promptly.

We offer a full range of professional services at a competitive rate, charged on an hourly basis. Through cost-efficient management and efforts to utilize client staff

whenever feasible, we are able to keep our fees as low as possible.


While William E. Howe & Co. is large enough to offer a full range of professional services, it is also small enough to provide each client with the close personal attention

needed to help them succeed in today's competitive business environment. Through this commitment to providing quality service in a personal manner, we have retained

many of our clients for over 40 years, in some cases spanning three generations of ownership.

As the needs of our clients have changed over the years, we have changed to meet these needs by expanding our capabilities to include a full range of accounting and

management services. Complimenting our traditional services of accounting, auditing, tax planning and tax compliance, we also provide management advisory services

including computer hardware and software consulting, estate planning, financial planning, business forecasts and projections, to name just a few.

Serving both large and small businesses, William E. Howe & Co. is defined by its commitment to provide clients with quality work, personal service and the latest technology

available. Consistent with our commitment to high standards is our participation in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' Quality Review Program.

As the economic challenges and tax burdens of the times increase the pressure on your business, know that William E. Howe & Co. can provide the professional services

and individualized attention you need to streamline operations, maximize profits and turn your business goals into realities.